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More clients*

A multinational oil and gas company with 940,000+ employees

A Fortune 100 global conglomerate with 300,000+ employees
A global pharmaceutical/healthcare company with 90,000+ employees
An electrical building infrastructures company with 25,000+ employees worldwide
A US retailer of home improvement/construction products with 300,000+ employees
A European commercial television production and distribution company
A boutique US investment management company
A global manufacturer of professional audio products
A US-based spirits and wines business with 3,000+ employees
A worldwide construction materials company with 15,000+ employees
A global financial services company with 640,000+ employees
A telecommunications and media company with 40,000+ employees worldwide
An agency of the New South Wales Government Department of Transport

An American packaged foods company with 26,000+ employees worldwide

A global beverage company with 274,000+ employees

An international healthcare group with 84,000 employees worldwide

An Australian cosmetics manufacturer

An Australian bank and financial-services provider with 32,000 employees

An English multinational hotels company with 7,000 employees

* Due to the confidential nature of consulting work this list has been sanitised

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